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K-Town Studios

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K-Town Studio owners Tod Levine and Ron Kuhnke are highly skilled and sought after engineers each with more than 30 years in the pro-audio industry. Their range of experience includes recording, mixing, editing, mastering, midi programming, tuning vocals and drum replacement.

K-Town Studios is a full service Music and Audio Post Production facility located in the Seven21 Media Center in the heart of Kingston, New York. Our studios were created and built from the ground up as the only completely professional Post-Production audio recording and mixing facility in New York's Hudson Valley. With a marriage of vintage analog and state-of-the-art digital gear - we offer a variety of sonic options that many studios no longer have. K-TOWN specializes in recording, mixing, mastering and post-production for the music, video & multi-media industries focusing on the independent music and film markets.

December 15, 2010in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

Blank Slate Books - Official Website

Blank Slate Books approached Ellenbogen Creative with a simple but powerful vision to provide high-quality children's reading material that anyone can create. The result was a Seven21 building-wide collaboration, drawing on its wide base of diverse media talents. View project

Marshall & Sterling Insurance - "Don't Trust Your Luck" TV Spot

Ellenbogen Creative approached an ad agency representing Marshall & Sterling Insurance with a TV commercial concept that was attention-grabbing and high-production value on a competitive budget. The spot features a skydiving parachute tester "trusting his luck" that his parachute will work, only to regrettably plummet from the sky. View project
December 14, 2010in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

The Blue Shift - Alan Glover Jazz DVD

When critically acclaimed progressive jazz musician Alan Glover approached Ellenbogen Creative to shoot a DVD, Jeremy Ellenbogen jumped at the opportunity to leverage the talents and resources of the Seven21 Media Center. View project