December 10, 2010 in The Mac Works

Hudson Valley Computer & Electronics Recycling Program

Cheryl Schneider of The Mac Works has been involved in environmental causes throughout her entire career, and she sees a strong connection between her role as technology consultant and recycling advocate. While helping companies update legacy computer systems, she inevitably runs into what she refers to as "a dark closet in the back of the building that no one wants to deal with."

"Essentially," she says, "all of these businesses have their own toxic waste dump," referring to the hazardous chemicals present in older computer systems and electronics. She saw a need and an opportunity to limit the environmental impact of these businesses by properly disposing of these machines via a locally-based electronics recycling program.

In conjunction with Sustainable Hudson Valley (who benefit with a portion of the collection fees), she works with sponsors like Advanced Recovery, Inc., Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc., Ulsteer County Development Corporation, American Cancer Society and Deegan - Sanglyn Commercial Real Estate. The group runs a collection drive several times a year, and puts its collections toward reuse or disposal in an environmentally-conscious manner.

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