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Here are just a few of the many projects Seven21 Media Center members have collaborated on.

February 9, 2011in Ellenbogen Creative, Zoetika

SolarTech Renewables Official Site Launch

Through the creative direction of Ellenbogen Creative, SolarTech Renewables has begun to see the light. Ellenbogen developed a new style guide, new logo, website design, a series of eight promotional videos, and the communication and messaging strategy for this growing company. The logo was brought to life by an elegant, yet simple animation by resident motion graphics designer, Jeff Almquist from Zoetika Studios. SolarTech Renewables prides itself in being completely made in the USA including all raw materials, labor, and suppliers. Peruse the website and watch the videos to get a better sense of what Industrial Strength Solar is all about!
December 15, 2010in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

Blank Slate Books - Official Website

Blank Slate Books approached Ellenbogen Creative with a simple but powerful vision to provide high-quality children's reading material that anyone can create. The result was a Seven21 building-wide collaboration, drawing on its wide base of diverse media talents. View project

Marshall & Sterling Insurance - "Don't Trust Your Luck" TV Spot

Ellenbogen Creative approached an ad agency representing Marshall & Sterling Insurance with a TV commercial concept that was attention-grabbing and high-production value on a competitive budget. The spot features a skydiving parachute tester "trusting his luck" that his parachute will work, only to regrettably plummet from the sky. View project
December 14, 2010in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

The Blue Shift - Alan Glover Jazz DVD

When critically acclaimed progressive jazz musician Alan Glover approached Ellenbogen Creative to shoot a DVD, Jeremy Ellenbogen jumped at the opportunity to leverage the talents and resources of the Seven21 Media Center. View project
December 13, 2010in Cinetrope Entertainment

Heller on Wheels

Artist, woodworker, sculptor and car builder Steve Heller is something of a legend for his modern-day masterpieces of sculpture and design. Far from simply salvaged art, Heller's diverse works include fully customized cars, handcrafted furniture, and a two-story T-rex composed of welded wrenches, chains, bicycle wheels and other metal miscellany that towers just down the street from the Seven21 Media Center. View project
December 10, 2010in The Mac Works

Hudson Valley Computer & Electronics Recycling Program

Cheryl Schneider of The Mac Works has been involved in environmental causes throughout her entire career, and she sees a strong connection between her role as technology consultant and recycling advocate. While helping companies update legacy computer systems, she inevitably runs into what she refers to as "a dark closet in the back of the building that no one wants to deal with." View project
December 10, 2010in The Mac Works

Dental Care - Complete Information Technology Solution

When a local cosmetic dentist began expanding his practice, he ran into a snag with his computer network. It was obvious who to call -- Cheryl Schneider of The Mac Works. What started as a quick fix soon became a complete IT solution.

She fixed the problem in no time, and the two got to talking about technology infrastructure. Schneider is a 20-year veteran of Mac systems, dating back to the very beginning of Apple's personal computers. Putting on her "CTO hat", could see that no expansion of his business would be complete without a similar expansion of technological capabilities.

Schneider grew the network from two to thirteen workstations, installed a robust server and even learned dental practice management software to find the best solution for his growing operation. She consulted with and trained staff with a special focus on security, ensuring patient confidentiality.

December 1, 2010in Ellenbogen Creative

Music Video: Nightmares for a Week

Up-and-coming Americana pop-punk band Nightmares for a Week contacted Ellenbogen Creative to create a music video for the leadoff single "Veins" off their debut LP Don't Die. Having recently signed to the respected Academy Fight Song label, the band wanted an eye-catching recreation of their exciting live performance to compliment a 6-week PR campaign leading up to the record release. View project