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Team Marketing USA

Team Marketing USA, Corp. is one of the leading event management and staffing agencies in the country. Our core business is experiential marketing – interacting with and engaging consumers in targeted direct campaigns. We take our clients’ products, services and messages and represent them to consumers in initiatives designed to build brand awareness, stimulate trial and build sales. We create a positive experience, whether it be fun, a sense of gain or recognition that the product or service is of value to the consumer and its use will benefit them. We help clients create, design, shape and deliver their message. We make the Connection to Consumers! We Expose Your Brand!!

Team Marketing USA, Corp. operates in over 100 markets nationwide and has executed numerous national product launches including Nintendo Wii Fit,, Cadillac CTS, Proctor & Gamble's ThermaCare, Kellogg's Scooby Doo Cereal, Lily Pharmaceuticals' Cialis, Kia Amanti and Snapple's Nantucket Nectar Fizz beverage line. Our experience is broad, executing programs for products and services that include airlines, appliances, automotive, beverages, bath and beauty products, candy, cereal, computers, electronics, entertainment, e-commerce, energy drinks, financial services, home safety, industrial products, liquor, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, snack foods and more.

Team Marketing USA 721 Broadway, Suite 120 Kingston, New York 12401

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