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June 16, 20149 years ago

Sunny Skies Ahead for Grae (photography)

We are extremely excited to welcome Ryan Grae Paraggio, a photographer based out of the Hudson Valley region, to the Seven21 Media Center! Grae has worked in a wide range of areas comprising of motorsport and action sports photography, high profile events, and corporate media. Grae has been recognized in large government agencies as well as in books and magazines. After working at home, he outgrew his small workspace and to our delight he eventually found the Seven21 Media Center. “ When walking into the Seven21 Media Center, I knew that this building provided the right environment, gear, and facilities for me, and am so grateful to have this opportunity.” In Ryan’s new studio space he will utilize his new gear to photo edit, limbo tabletop photography, and much more. He plans on keeping busy year round, and knows that with the amount of resourceful people in the Seven21 Media Center, he will be able to meet his goal. In turn this will benefit him by expanding his business to numerous different cliental and people working around him. “This building is full of such talented professionals in their field, and having the access to be able to work alongside them gives me a whole new experience and reminds me of why I was so attracted to this building and space over any other.” Jeremy Ellenbogen, CEO of Ellenbogen Creative Media, “ Ryan will be Seven21’s first commercial photographer, which will be a valuable resource that we have wanted here. We look forward to accommodating him with the necessary equipment he will need.”
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