March 6, 2012 Posted by admin721 in News

Triumph Karate School Opens at Seven21

Triumph Karate, lead by Master Rodney Batista, has taught thousands of Hudson Valley students the ancient art of Tang Soo Do, a very effective Korean martial art.

For three years the Triumph school had been operating out of various spaces at the YMCA in Kingston. The move to the Media Center will now allow Master Batista to have his own 1000SF Karate studio in Seven21's underground, and incorporate many media and technology initiatives including: webcasting of classes, distance learning with other schools, video feeds to the lounge area, televised studio events for belt advancement, and video training of form and technique. Triumph will be the only Karate school in the region to provide these advanced media services.

For more information contact Master Rodney Batista (845)978-2727 or visit their website:

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