March 8, 2012 Posted by admin721 in News

Strings Attached... Violin and Viola instruction at Seven21

Siobhan Solberg has created "Siobhan's Studio" at Seven21 underground, offering private violin and viola lessons for all ages and levels.

Lessons are geared towards the motivated student seeking enjoyable music education that focuses on both artistry and excellence. Teaching all styles of music but encourage building a strong classical music base, the foundation of all other genres of music.

Siobhan Solberg, a classically trained violist brings the rich, full sound of her instrument to today’s rock, pop, and jazz scene. With a background in symphonic and chamber music, Siobhan has enlivened numerous contemporary recordings with her unique musical aesthetics. Along with her talent as a violist, Siobhan brings her background in composing and arranging to her studio recordings, making her a highly flexible musician able to improvise and perform at the highest standards of professionalism. visit her website for more info

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