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December 19, 201013 years ago

Ellenbogen unleashes its creative team on "Collar" the movie.

Ellenbogen Editor, James Granell begins the online post-production of the feature film "Collar" produced by Willy Gilly Productions of Goshen, NY. The film was shot locally in Orange County on the famous RED camera in 4K resolution. David Wilson, the producer and leading actor in the film, plans on completing the project here at Seven21 over the course of the next two weeks. The Ellenbogen team will be adding newly shot footage to the current rough cut, providing color correction, adding a new title sequence, and working on final audio post production. The current cut of the film has already won several film awards.
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December 17, 201013 years ago

Ny Daily News on KINGSTON, NY and Seven21: "High-tech on the Hudson"

We're excited about this article in the NY Daily News that profiles Kingston as one of the nation's unique "digital corridors". It gives a great sense of our community spirit and collaborative approach toward standing out as a creative and economic asset to the region. In particular, the article explores why so many NYC residents have relocated to our humble town of 22,000, and why the NYC money is starting to follow. We here at Seven21 are honored to be a part of the "digital dynamos" that are putting Kingston on the map. Please share this story with your friends and colleagues to spread the local love!
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December 13, 201013 years ago

Steve Heller & Cinetrope Entertainment Raise Over $8,500 Online

Woodworker/welder/artist/local legend Steve Heller has teamed up with Cinetrope Entertainment to create a documentary and reality TV show profiling his interesting art and life in the Hudson Valley. Last year Heller's custom car was first in class in a prestigious car show in California. This year, budgets are tight and the two turned to DIY fundraising site IndieGoGo to raise the estimated $8,500 it would take to get Heller's new custom job out to California to compete again. With a month to go, they have surpassed their original goal and continue to generate incredible support for their project. Read more...
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December 3, 201013 years ago

Evolving Media Network Launches new Keegan Ales Website

When Keegan Ales brewer/owner Tommy Keegan approached Evolving Media Network to revamp its official website, it was no surprise the initial conversations took place over a couple of his famous microbrewed beers. The boutique brews are produced a mere block and a half away from the Seven21 Media Center where EMN has its offices. It's not the kind of ultra-high-end, cutting-edge web technology the firm does on a day-to-day basis, but it does demonstrate their commitment to great aesthetics, fantastic functionality, great beer and great friends. Read the case study...
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December 1, 201013 years ago

Animator Jeff Almquist joins the Seven21 community

We'd like to welcome Jeff Almquist of Zoetika Studios... he's a talented animator who has worked on such projects as Ice Age 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and many Flash and 3D projects for the pharmaceutical and defense industries. Check out his reel at
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