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December 19, 20126 years ago

Seven21 provides Ideal Space for NYC Film Production

The historic Kingston area was the perfect shooting location for NYC's film production. Peter Bobrow, Production Manager, stated “being situated at Seven21, also provided ideal spaces for the locality of the crew’s shoots throughout the area, including the Kingston High School”. This occasion granted recognition to the community, while giving students hands on experience as extras or interns. Read more
November 19, 20126 years ago

Learner First, poised for growth, expands at Seven21

Becoming a leader in the blended learning industry, with a 50% growth rate per year, Learner First realized that Seven21 could offer them more than an office space. Seven21 provided Learner First a facility that would provide room for expansion along with a think-tank of cutting edge entrepreneurs. When Learner First created a single sign on data management system, CORE, that addressed the new demands of educational reform, they didn’t have to go far for creative guidance and expertise when building their website, implementing marketing strategies, print advertisement, and honing their message. Read more
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September 3, 20126 years ago

Lee Palmateer Law Opens Up Kingston Office At Seven21

Lee Palmateer, Intellectual Property Attorney and Litigator, with the main office in downtown Albany,NY, realized a growing need for intellectual property law in the Mid-Hudson valley. Kingston, with its growing creative and entrepreneurial spirit, was strategically perfect to open up an office, mid-way between Albany and the Lower Hudson Valley. With the strong technology and media arts sector already in place, Seven21 Media Center was the perfect choice. Read more
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September 2, 20126 years ago

SUNY Ulster and Seven21 form Media Arts and Technology Alliance

The Seven21 Media Center, SUNY Ulster, and Central Hudson to create the Media Arts and Technology Alliance at Seven21 Media Center on Broadway in Kingston. Seven21 is comprised of 20 independent boutique media companies in an incubator-like setting with state of the art equipment including: live studio and remote webcasting capabilities, multi-camera live-switched HD production, satellite transmission services of HD quality video, and the largest and most advanced green screen technology north of New York City.

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August 29, 20126 years ago

New Tenants to Seven21 Get Their Own "Stimulus Package"

The Kingston Local Development Corporation (KLDC) and Seven21 media center in Midtown Kingston hope to attract new companies to lease space and grow their businesses at the high-tech facility. The KLDC will give low interest loans of up to $10,000 to eligible businesses who relocate or expand to Seven21. The funding can be used for working capital, inventory, supplies, furniture, fixture, equipment or even lease payments for up to 6 months.

This program will not only provide needed seed money but act as a business incubator offering workshops, training, business development, advice, and counseling by seasoned business professionals. Clinics and seminars in the studio are slated to begin this fall.

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July 29, 20126 years ago

Next Step Digital makes the move to Seven21

Mike Kilpatrick and Sean Mahoney, colleagues at another digital design firm, were laid off after the company downsized back in March 2012. After working together for so many years they decided the next step was to start their own firm: Next Step Digital was born.

They are occupying a bright, artsy office space on the second floor of Seven21. Mike and Sean often say how being at Seven21 is like a big family. They have already worked with several other tenants at Seven21 to collaborate on projects and have generated new business.

Next Step Digital has established itself in the Hudson Valley as a premiere group of Strategists, Project Managers, Creatives and Developers, as well as an effective professional organization. Their team has worked on projects ranging from web and digital design and development for several nationally and internationally recognized organizations such as; The American Museum of Natural History, Dunkin Donuts, to design and development for larger regional clients such as Frost Valley YMCA , Kingston Hospital, Policy Research Associates, Hudson Valley Tourism, SUNY Ulster, Tonner Doll and the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice.

Next Step Digital provides an exceedingly high level of service to its clientele, while bringing innovative marketing, media and technical problem solving experience to bear to meet the needs most commonly found by various organizations in the Hudson Valley and surrounding region. Read more

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March 8, 20127 years ago

Strings Attached... Violin and Viola instruction at Seven21

Siobhan Solberg has created "Siobhan's Studio" at Seven21 underground, offering private violin and viola lessons for all ages and levels.

Lessons are geared towards the motivated student seeking enjoyable music education that focuses on both artistry and excellence. Teaching all styles of music but encourage building a strong classical music base, the foundation of all other genres of music.

Siobhan Solberg, a classically trained violist brings the rich, full sound of her instrument to today’s rock, pop, and jazz scene. With a background in symphonic and chamber music, Siobhan has enlivened numerous contemporary recordings with her unique musical aesthetics. Along with her talent as a violist, Siobhan brings her background in composing and arranging to her studio recordings, making her a highly flexible musician able to improvise and perform at the highest standards of professionalism. visit her website for more info

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March 6, 20127 years ago

Triumph Karate School Opens at Seven21

Triumph Karate, lead by Master Rodney Batista, has taught thousands of Hudson Valley students the ancient art of Tang Soo Do, a very effective Korean martial art.

For three years the Triumph school had been operating out of various spaces at the YMCA in Kingston. The move to the Media Center will now allow Master Batista to have his own 1000SF Karate studio in Seven21's underground, and incorporate many media and technology initiatives including: webcasting of classes, distance learning with other schools, video feeds to the lounge area, televised studio events for belt advancement, and video training of form and technique. Triumph will be the only Karate school in the region to provide these advanced media services.

For more information contact Master Rodney Batista (845)978-2727 or visit their website:

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February 1, 20127 years ago

Freshly Brewed, Seven21 opens Cafe'

Guests and members can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a new breakroom and coffee shop on the first floor. Now brewing over a dozen flavors of Flavia coffee, teas, and a bounty of health snacks. Read the paper, eat lunch and enjoy the company of other 'techies' at the media center (while your computer is "rendering") Read more
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January 22, 20127 years ago

"Smile, Your on CANON Camera"

Canon EOS training seminar, DSLR training and more Read more