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August 29, 201211 years ago

New Tenants to Seven21 Get Their Own "Stimulus Package"

The Kingston Local Development Corporation (KLDC) and Seven21 media center in Midtown Kingston hope to attract new companies to lease space and grow their businesses at the high-tech facility. The KLDC will give low interest loans of up to $10,000 to eligible businesses who relocate or expand to Seven21. The funding can be used for working capital, inventory, supplies, furniture, fixture, equipment or even lease payments for up to 6 months.

This program will not only provide needed seed money but act as a business incubator offering workshops, training, business development, advice, and counseling by seasoned business professionals. Clinics and seminars in the studio are slated to begin this fall.

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July 29, 201211 years ago

Next Step Digital makes the move to Seven21

Mike Kilpatrick and Sean Mahoney, colleagues at another digital design firm, were laid off after the company downsized back in March 2012. After working together for so many years they decided the next step was to start their own firm: Next Step Digital was born.

They are occupying a bright, artsy office space on the second floor of Seven21. Mike and Sean often say how being at Seven21 is like a big family. They have already worked with several other tenants at Seven21 to collaborate on projects and have generated new business.

Next Step Digital has established itself in the Hudson Valley as a premiere group of Strategists, Project Managers, Creatives and Developers, as well as an effective professional organization. Their team has worked on projects ranging from web and digital design and development for several nationally and internationally recognized organizations such as; The American Museum of Natural History, Dunkin Donuts, to design and development for larger regional clients such as Frost Valley YMCA , Kingston Hospital, Policy Research Associates, Hudson Valley Tourism, SUNY Ulster, Tonner Doll and the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice.

Next Step Digital provides an exceedingly high level of service to its clientele, while bringing innovative marketing, media and technical problem solving experience to bear to meet the needs most commonly found by various organizations in the Hudson Valley and surrounding region. Read more

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March 8, 201212 years ago

Strings Attached... Violin and Viola instruction at Seven21

Siobhan Solberg has created "Siobhan's Studio" at Seven21 underground, offering private violin and viola lessons for all ages and levels.

Lessons are geared towards the motivated student seeking enjoyable music education that focuses on both artistry and excellence. Teaching all styles of music but encourage building a strong classical music base, the foundation of all other genres of music.

Siobhan Solberg, a classically trained violist brings the rich, full sound of her instrument to today’s rock, pop, and jazz scene. With a background in symphonic and chamber music, Siobhan has enlivened numerous contemporary recordings with her unique musical aesthetics. Along with her talent as a violist, Siobhan brings her background in composing and arranging to her studio recordings, making her a highly flexible musician able to improvise and perform at the highest standards of professionalism. visit her website for more info

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March 6, 201212 years ago

Triumph Karate School Opens at Seven21

Triumph Karate, lead by Master Rodney Batista, has taught thousands of Hudson Valley students the ancient art of Tang Soo Do, a very effective Korean martial art.

For three years the Triumph school had been operating out of various spaces at the YMCA in Kingston. The move to the Media Center will now allow Master Batista to have his own 1000SF Karate studio in Seven21's underground, and incorporate many media and technology initiatives including: webcasting of classes, distance learning with other schools, video feeds to the lounge area, televised studio events for belt advancement, and video training of form and technique. Triumph will be the only Karate school in the region to provide these advanced media services.

For more information contact Master Rodney Batista (845)978-2727 or visit their website:

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February 1, 201212 years ago

Freshly Brewed, Seven21 opens Cafe'

Guests and members can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a new breakroom and coffee shop on the first floor. Now brewing over a dozen flavors of Flavia coffee, teas, and a bounty of health snacks. Read the paper, eat lunch and enjoy the company of other 'techies' at the media center (while your computer is "rendering") Read more
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January 5, 201212 years ago

Weighing less.. with Moore, Cardio-Kickboxing Studio opens at Seven21

Donna Smith and Michael Moore recently launched Moore and Moore Fitness at Seven21 media center's Underground. The beautiful new studio, once earmarked for a Jazz cafe, now has been totally transformed with wood flooring, new lighting, and a host of gym equipment. Donna and Mike hope to "re-shape" Ulster County with an intense cardio and strength building workout for all ages, both men and women. The small class sizes and personalized training is what really differentiates them from the big clubs. Plans are in the works to add more classes in other fitness areas. For more information or to take classes contact Donna at (845) 389-7950.
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November 13, 201112 years ago

TRUMP Lands at Seven21

The fast growing nutritional supplement company, The Trump Network, recently chose Seven21 as their host for an executive meeting and broadcast. Trump's CEO and leadership team spoke live to an audience of about a hundred Trump Network members here in Kingston, for a training and "pump" session. The program was recorded in HD format, live multi-camera switched, and webcast to thousands of remote Trump viewers. Live video feeds from LA, Boston, Florida, Denver, NY, and other sites were brought together for this live interactive video program. The event was a success and the Trump Network plans on producing similar programs in the near future.
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August 4, 201112 years ago

Kingston Gets its Own Weekly TV Talk Show!

Kingston NOW, the new television show to premiere this Wednesday August 10th , (and subsequent Wednesdays) at 11:00PM on WRNN-TV will focus on the people, places, activities, and issues that make up the Kingston area from politics to culture.

Each week this 30 minute talk television format will give viewers an insightful look at the important issues and information that impact this small yet growing community. Some topics to be covered include, the Kingston dog park, the mayoral race, the Kings Inn plan, obesity in Ulster County, Kingston Neighborhood Watch, the Pike plan, the local economy, and many more current topics.

Kingston NOW will be hosted by Jimmy Buff, a Kingston resident, and also program director and afternoon drive host at WDST FM. "As a Kingston resident I am personally affected by all that happens here and am committed to bringing those stories to life," said Jimmy Buff.

The show will be produced and recorded in the high-tech studios at Seven21 Media Center at 721 Broadway in Kingston, taking advantage of the new high definition camera equipment, switchers, and infrastructure that the Media Center recently built, “We are excited to be a part of this show production and to share the culture of this great little city (Kingston) with a much larger audience on RNN,” said Jeremy Ellenbogen, the show’s producer and CEO of Seven21 Media Center.

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July 23, 201112 years ago

Twitter’s 140 Character Conference to be hosted at Seven21!

Tuesday August 23, 2011 in Kingston New York @ Seven21 Media Center After Jeff Pulver launched the first #140 Character Conference in 2009, numerous 140Confs have been held around the world. Providing a platform for the worldwide online community to listen, connect, share and engage with each other, attendees collectively explore the effects of the real-time Internet on individuals, business and society. Since the beginnings of its existence so many people have tried to understand Twitter and other various social media networks and many have said “It’s what YOU make of it”. This is the opportunity for the residents of the Hudson Valley (and beyond) to share in real life, in real time, what social media means to YOU! Be prepared for “hugs, not handshakes”; ample learning and great creative energy! How Social Media is Changing Business, Community and Life The 140Conf Hudson Valley conference will be exploring social media outside the big cities and permeating the everyday life of the rural cities of our area. There is no doubt that so many of the various social media tools, such as Twitter, are here to stay. As large and small business, corporations and individuals, discover and harness the power of social media how does this change the way we live? Does social media change the way we do business? How does social media affect the way we connect with others? Do these tools expand our ideals of community? How do we make social media and our lives better?
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May 29, 201113 years ago

Team Marketing USA joins the team at Seven21

One of the nation's leading event marketing company chooses Seven21 as its new corporate offices. Team Marketing USA specializes in experiential marketing – interacting with and engaging consumers in targeted direct campaigns for national brands. They operate in over 100 markets nationwide and have executed numerous national product launches including Nintendo Wii Fit,, Cadillac CTS, Proctor & Gamble's ThermaCare, Kellogg's Scooby Doo Cereal, Lily Pharmaceuticals' Cialis, Kia Amanti, Snapple's Nantucket Nectar Fizz, and many more brands. Team Marketing USA can take you from program conception and design, through researching event sites and venues, negotiating buy-ins and sponsorships, to providing tour and in-market staff to execute your campaigns. Owner Neil B. Millens hopes to use both the knowledge-base and wide depth of services offered at Seven21 to help grow his business and offer additional digital services to his clients. Renovation and of the three room office suite will be completed mid June. The company plans to hire more staff to operate the office at Seven21. Visit their website for more info
Seven21 Media Center

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