December 13, 2010 in Cinetrope Entertainment

Heller on Wheels

Artist, woodworker, sculptor and car builder Steve Heller is something of a legend for his modern-day masterpieces of sculpture and design. Far from simply salvaged art, Heller's diverse works include fully customized cars, handcrafted furniture, and a two-story T-rex composed of welded wrenches, chains, bicycle wheels and other metal miscellany that towers just down the street from the Seven21 Media Center.

After seeing a New York Times article on Heller's work, Cinetrope Entertainment's Aaron Weisblatt sought him out at his studio. The two hit it off upon first meet, and a documentary project was born to catalog Heller's unique art and lifestyle. The documentary soon turned into a potential reality TV show, and the pair are currently pitching their concept to a number of networks.

Last year, Heller's custom car the Marquis de Soto won first in class at prestigious Grand National Roadster Show in California. When the opportunity arose again in January of 2011 to visit the show with his new custom creation, Heller and Weisblatt turned online to DIY fundraising site IndieGoGo. They wanted to raise $8,500 to fund their trip to California and record the whole thing for their documentary/reality show.

With 30 days left to go in their fundraising drive, they have already met and exceeded their $8,500 goal. You can still donate here. Good luck to Steve Heller and Aaron Weisblatt on their trip to California, and look out for Heller on Wheels, coming to a screen near you.

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