September 3, 2012 Posted by admin721 in News

Lee Palmateer Law Opens Up Kingston Office At Seven21

Lee Palmateer, Intellectual Property Attorney and Litigator, with the main office in downtown Albany,NY, realized a growing need for intellectual property law in the Mid-Hudson valley. Kingston, with its growing creative and entrepreneurial spirit, was a perfect location to open up an office, mid-way between Albany and the Lower Hudson Valley. With the strong technology and media arts community already established, Seven21 Media Center was the perfect choice.

Lee Palmateer is a seasoned intellectual property (“IP”) attorney with professional engineering experience and a well rounded legal background that set him apart. His engineering experience gives him a practical appreciation of technology and the process of technology development. His corporate and commercial law experience allows him to provide you and your corporate attorney with adept counsel on intellectual property aspects of corporate and commercial transactions. And with his IP commercialization and litigation experience, he can help you see the real world opportunities and avoid the real world obstacles that may lie ahead for your intellectual property, and protect your rights if conflict arises. Prior to starting the Lee Palmateer Law Office in November 2009, Lee devoted ten years of his practice to IP law with upstate New York’s largest firm exclusively dedicated to intellectual property law, handling IP matters for individual entrepreneurs, large and small corporations, universities and government agencies. He can be reached at Lee Palmateer Law Office (518)-591-4636 or info@palmateerlaw.com

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