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K-Town Studios

December 15, 2010 in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

Blank Slate Books - Official Website

Blank Slate Books approached Ellenbogen Creative with a simple but powerful vision to provide high-quality children's reading material that anyone can create. The result was a Seven21 building-wide collaboration, drawing on its wide base of diverse media talents. View project

Marshall & Sterling Insurance - "Don't Trust Your Luck" TV Spot

Ellenbogen Creative approached an ad agency representing Marshall & Sterling Insurance with a TV commercial concept that was attention-grabbing and high-production value on a competitive budget. The spot features a skydiving parachute tester "trusting his luck" that his parachute will work, only to regrettably plummet from the sky. View project
December 14, 2010 in Ellenbogen Creative, K-Town Studios

The Blue Shift - Alan Glover Jazz DVD

When critically acclaimed progressive jazz musician Alan Glover approached Ellenbogen Creative to shoot a DVD, Jeremy Ellenbogen jumped at the opportunity to leverage the talents and resources of the Seven21 Media Center. View project
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